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Welcome to Recovery Self Help Method, Ireland


Recovery Self Help Method, Ireland is a HSE-funded, charity, that provides a specialised form of cognitive-behavioural training to its members.

This Recovery method has helped thousands of people live more peaceful and productive lives, despite severe mental health problems, such as anxiety, bipolar disorders and depression. 

Clinical research published in the American Journal of Psychiatry and over 75 years of practice use, has shown that people who use the Recovery method use fewer tranquillisers, less medication in general, and need less psychological support from others.


To get well and improve your mental health you should;

  • - Read and study the book 'Mental Health Through Will Training' or other Recovery materials.
  • - Regularly attend Recovery Meetings.
  • - Practice the Recovery principles in everyday life.

To learn what happens at a meeting [click here]. 

Recovery Self Help Method, Ireland News


John Barry RIP


The volunteers, members and Board of directors of Recovery Self Help Method Ireland, would like to offer our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of John Barry, who sadly passed away December 7th 2015.

John played a significant role in developing Recovery as an organisation. John also led the weekly meeting in Clontarf for 35 years, as well as later operating the Recovery telephone meetings.

He was a wise counsel for the organisation and a deep believer in the teachings of Dr. Low. As he said himself "48 hours after my first Recovery meeting, I never looked back".

He will be sadly missed by all.                                          [official notice]    




Fundraising News


On Monday 5th October, Tony Greene, of Greens Barbers Rathmines hosted a fundraiser in aid of Recovery. The cast of TV3 series "Red Rock" dropped in to show their support. Tony raised a whopping Euro 1,471 in aid of the charity [read more]





On RTE radio 1

Dermod Grennan, was interviewed on RTE Radio 1 by Eileen Dunne. Dermod spoke about how Recovery was originally founded and how it helps people with mental health difficulties. [click here to listen].  (Forward to time point 7min).


Coping with stress


An article from the Irish Examiner about how Recovery helped a member cope with stress [click here to view]


Dermod Grennan, Rosaleen Fitzpatrick, (Recovery International), meeting Minister Kathleen Lynch, Paddy Harding (Recovery International)

Meeting Minister for Mental Health, Kathleen Lynch TD


Recovery group area leader Dermod Grennan, treasurer Rosaleen Fitzpatrick and committee member Paddy Harding, met with Minister for Mental Health, Kathleen Lynch TD, to highlight the important work that Recovery is doing in the community for hundreds of people. Read more in our newsletter, to view and download [click here to view]


Effective thinking

Some things you can control, and some things you can't, accepting this can be a huge step towards improving your mental health [click here to view]



HSE 'Vision for Change' information

'Vision for change' newsletter. [click here to view]

To visit the 'Vision for change' web site [click here]

Learning to love Christmas

An article on dealing with Christmas [click here to view]



Recovery Self Help Method, Ireland is a self-help after-care organisation, it does not offer medical or other professional advice. It in no way supplants your doctor or other professional. Each member is, at all times advised and expected to follow the authority of their own doctor or healthcare professional. We do not offer advice or counseling, we simply offer training in a method of self-help.

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