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What happens at Recovery Self Help Method meetings

The best way to learn about the Recovery Method of Self Help is to physically come to a meeting. The added benefit of coming to a meeting, is that if you have become isolated or withdrawn, you can begin to interact again with others in a safe, sympathetic environment. Recovery meetings are structured, and there is no need to say or do anything, unless you want to. The meeting is moderated by a Group Leader, who ensures the meeting is conducted in a calm, sympathetic and ordered manner.

Each Recovery meetings consist of five parts:

  1. A Reading - The group reads from one of our self-help books or listens to one of the recorded lectures. 

  2. A Four-Part Example and Spotting at a Recovery International Meeting

  3. Examples - Members describe an event from everyday life that caused distress. They explain how they used Recovery tools to reduce their discomfort and control their behaviour. After each example, other members offer comments (referred to as "spotting") that highlight other Recovery tools that might have helped.

  4. Further Spotting - Members offer additional 'spottings', particularly on 'Temper' in the examples given.

  5. Mutual Aid - This is a time for informal discussion and questions. You can also ask the group leader or an experienced member about Recovery tools and how to use them. Some groups have tea or coffee and biscuits at this time.

  6. Voluntary Contributions - Members are asked to help support the organisation via a small voluntary contribution. The suggested donation is €3 per meeting. If you are not able to give a donation, that should not prevent you from attending Recovery meetings.

Before coming to a meeting, please download and print out the following help sheet [click here]

To order books from Ireland, please contact our Dublin office [click here]

To order books from the US [click here]

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