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Sheila's Story

I was first put. on medication at the age of twelve. I took my first overdose at thirteen. I was first admitted to a mental hospital at the age of fifteen and for the next 20 years I was in and out of mental hospitals suffering from depression bulimia and panic attacks. I took several overdoses during that time. At times I was locked away in padded cells because I harmed myself. I have had more shock treatment than I can remember. So, the stigma was very strong with me.

Hospitalisations, shock treatment and medication all worked for a short time but the only thing that worked for me in the long-tern was my Recovery training and the meetings. After years of suffering, I joined Recovery 11 years ago.Since then I learned how to be self-led and not symptom led. I had always thought I was a "hopeless case" until I heard the Recovery spotting that there are "no hopeless cases.

Difficult ones yes, but hopeless no. I also got rid of the stigma and I have not been admitted to hospital in the last eleven years. I still suffer the occasional "lowered feelings" but thanks to Recovery I can now "fumble but function". For the past five years I have been living in the country with no access to any meetings.So I have to depend on my Recovery training and the odd five minute phone call to other members when I experience the setback.

I now have two children aged four and a half and three and a half. They bring me great joy and plenty of symptoms!! I finally got married last November at the grand age of forty-five. In the midst of my illness I could never have imagined any of these things happening to me. Before Recovery these events were beyond my wildest dreams.

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